ESP/IESP students should complete this form to request an increase to their winter term course load. Note: students who meet the criteria may add a maximum of one additional 0.5 credit course.

Criteria for adding a half-credit course (0.5 credit)

  • Minimum of B- (70%) average in current courses.
  • Excellent workshop (minimum average of 70%) and FYS attendance (minimum 70%).

Steps to apply

  • Complete and submit the form below by December 15th.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to review request to add course. Book at


Adding a course increases your fees and would make you a “full-time” student by financial standards for the Winter Term. As a result, you would be charged tuition fees as well as the additional fees associated with full-time status. Please contact Student Accounts at 613-520-3626 or for the exact cost of adding one half-credit.

Receiving OSAP? You can apply to increase your OSAP funding to offset this cost: contact Awards for info at 613-520-3600 or


If you meet the attendance and current grades criteria, we will conditionally register in your requested course (if there is space available). We need the results from your December exams in order to make the final decision on your request. An ESP/IESP Academic Advisor will contact you in January to confirm your grades. If your grades drop below a 70% average after December exams, you will be withdrawn from the course and your fees refunded.

  • You cannot add a course that conflicts with your current courses or workshops.
  • You are not required to take a workshop with this course.
  • Please note: it may not be possible to enroll you in your first choice of course (if for example, the course is full or is restricted to a certain group of students).
    • Be sure to provide us with at least a couple course options.

Course selection

We are offering CIED 1001A: Selected Topics in Popular Culture (Thursdays 2:35-5:25 pm). However, you can apply to add a different course. To look for courses:

  • Use the Public class schedule to search for courses.
  • Be sure you are searching in the Winter 2021 term.

Make sure it’s a Winter term, half-credit course that begins in January and that you have any required prerequisites:

  • If the course started in September, you can’t add it. The “Full Session Info” column will say “2nd half of two term course” if that’s the case. This course has nothing in this column, so it is a winter term course.
  • Check the time(s). A course can have a Lecture (e.g. CDNS 1102A) and might have Laboratory or Discussion group or tutorial (CDNS 1102A01, A02, A03, etc). Be sure both the lecture and the lab or group fit your schedule. If the course has a lab or tutorial, there may be different times available, you only need to find one that’s open & fits your schedule.
  • In your request, please include the full course code, lab/discussion group/tutorial (if applicable) and CRN (course registration number) listed on the public class schedule.

This form is no longer available. Please contact with any inquiries.