This form is for students who have applied and been admitted to the Winter Term of ESP.


  1. Please review the  as well as the Course Descriptions and Class and Workshop Schedule before submitting this form. The ESP Student Guide has complete registration instructions.
  2. Rank your choices below and submit them to ESP using this form.
  3. Some classes also have discussion groups that are offered at various times: if you have a preference regarding which discussion group you prefer to be enrolled in, you may note that in the comments section. We will accommodate you if possible.
  4. We will make the final choice and register you in classes (normally within 5 days of submitting this form).
  5. Review your schedule and fees owing in Carleton Central. See the Student Guide for the details about checking your schedule and paying your fees.

Please note: You can submit this form only once. Double-check and be sure of your choices before clicking “Submit”. Change requests can be emailed to but will only be considered after all forms are processed (and if space permits).

Winter ESP Course Selection Form

Course selection form for students admitted to the ESP for Winter 2024
  • Please let us know whether you wish to enroll full-time or part-time. Note: part-time studies may affect how long it will take to qualify for a degree and OSAP or other funding eligibility (if applicable). If you wish to study part-time, please consult us for details.
  • Please let us know what you are hoping to major in (if known):
  • Core Course Registration (0.5 credit)

    In addition to (up to) two half credits in Elective Courses, as an ESP student, you will be enrolled in the core course below.
    Note: this does not apply to part-time students who choose to enroll in only one elective course and workshop.

    Core course

    CIED 1001A: Selected Topics in Popular Culture

  • Rank your top five Elective Courses (2 x 0.5 credits)

    Please rank your top five choices of "elective" courses. If you are enrolling full-time, we will register you in two elective courses (2 x 0.5 credits) with their corresponding ESP workshop (ESPW). We will try to register you in your top two choices, unless a course is full and provided the schedule has no conflicts. Please note: many courses have limited seats remaining.
    • Consult the Class and Workshop Schedule and Course Descriptions before ranking your choices.
  • Please review your choices before clicking on the "Submit" button. You can only submit the form once.

  • If applicable, please include any information you would like us to know with respect to your registration or schedule in the space below.