This form is for new ESP Students.

If you are a returning student, please use this form instead. If you are admitted to the Indigenous Enriched Support Program (IESP), please use this form instead.


  1. Please review the registration instructions and materials on our Registration page.
  2. Rank your choices and submit them using this form.

    Note: In the Fall term we will be offering more than one workshop for elective courses. Additionally, some courses have online tutorials or in person tutorials. Consult the Class and Workshop Schedule for details. If you have a preference for a particular workshop section or online vs. in person tutorials, please indicate that in the Notes section at the end of this form. We will try to accommodate your request, space permitting.
  3. We will make the final choice and register you in classes (normally within 5 days of submitting this form).
  4. Approximately 5 days after submitting this form, login to Carleton Central to verify your course selection and student timetable. See the Student Guide for details about this step.

Please note: You can submit this form only once. Double-check and be sure of your choices before clicking “Submit”. Change requests can be emailed to but will only be considered after all forms are processed, if space permits.